Camera vs i phone

How many of you own a real camera?  Not many people do these day becasue we all capture so much with our phones.  I’m as guilty of generally using my i phone to snap day to day pictures and I rarely pull out my real camera for a family photo.  But are i phone cameras as good as the real thing?  I thought it would be fun to find out and so set about a camera vs i phone challange.  

Camera vs i phone challange

To keep things simple and as fair as possible I have intentionally photographed things that are easily accessible and some things that  I would not neccessarily photography in my capacity as a professional photograher.  All images were taken from the same postion.  I haave used my photography knowledge to maniputae my camera to get the best image possible and I have  manipulated my i phone settings as much as possible to again achieve the best outcome.  I have not edited any of the images other than to convert 1 set to Black and White and to change to aspect ratio so they are all the same.

Are you ready to take on the camera vs i phone challange.  Below are 6 images in pairs.  Can you identify which of each pair are taken using my DSLR camera and which are taken using my i phone camera?  I have mixed the order up so it isn’t all on the left or all on the right? 

How do you think you got on?   I’ve added the correct answers at the bottom of the page and would love to hear in the comments section how many you got right and wrong or what made you make the choices you did.  Was the camera always the better image?


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Answers to camera vs i phone challange

Apple – camera, i phone

Church – i phone, camera

Rose – Camera, i phone

Dog – i phone, camera

Flower – i phone. camera

Child – camera, i phone


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