The importance of Family Photos

The importance of Family Photos

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 Take more family photos – A heart felt Plea


This article isn’t about the opportunity to sell my services or  talk about a specific session type, its a plea to get you all to pick up your own cameras more often, a plea to encourage you to snap family photos of your loved ones every day.

On 27th February this year my family’s world fell apart when my younger brother Kieran (aged 38) was found dead on his living room floor.  He was not ill and his passing came as a complete and utter shock to everyone who knew him.    He was fit and healthy, in fact he was in training to join myself and our older brother to take on Brighton Marathon this year.  He was young, happy and had his whole life ahead of him.

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In the days and weeks after loosing my brother one thing really struck me and that was how few pictures I have of us over the years.     As a family of 5 siblings there are only 3 photographs in existence of all 5 of us together!  Just 3 pictures, how is that possible,  every time I think about that it rips my heart in two, why did we not take more,? How can it be possible that there is only 3 family photos of us?  It makes me terrible sad that we now will never be able to rectify this.  So my plea to each and every one of you is to take more family photos.  Get out there and make memories and capture them with your camera or your phone and get them printed and framed.  Treasure every moment because you really don’t know when it will be your last. 

Sleep tight baby brother, your memory will live on in my heart and in the good times we shared x 



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