10 great Photography Tips

There are many elements to taking beautiful photographs and combining them together will help you learn to take great photos.  This article will focus on 10 photography tips that will help you to create images that you and others around you will love.

1. Get out there and take photographs

This may seem like a daft thing for me to say but the more your practice the better you will get.   When you find something you want to photograph take picutres from diffierent angles, heights and framed differently within your view finder.  Over time you will start to see which images are visually pleasing and which aren’t.

2. Take Landscape and Portrait images

It is all to easy to take every photo in landscape (horizontal) mode.  Turn your camera round and take a photo in Portrait (vertical) too.  Again trying both for the same scene will help you learn what creates good compostion.

3. Shoot at different times of day

Light is such a key element of photography that going out and shooting at different times of the day will help you learn about light.  It is a well known fact that golden hour (just before sunrise and sunset) is a great time to photograph, but working with tricky light situations like the mid day sun will help you grow as a photographer.

4. Practice taking photographs of differnt things

Go and photograph

  • Buildings
  • Dogs
  • Bus shelters
  • Wildlife
  • People
  • Cars
  • Food
  • Flowers
  • The ground
  • Graffiti

Trying diffierent things is a great way to grow as a photographer.

5. Don’t use your on camera Flash

This may sound like and odd thing to say as in-built flash must be there for a reason, but honestly forget you have an on camera flash.

On camera flash is extreamely harsh and unflattering.  Instead learn to use the light around you and when your ready invest in a speedlight and a set of triggers so you can control your flash light. 

6.  Get in Closer

Practice moving closer and further away from your subject.  This will again help you learn to see your subject differently and learn what works and doesn’t. 

7. Check the background

The background is just as important as the subject with in an image.  It is all to easy to have something distracting in the background or have a horizon line in the worng place or tree sprouting out of your subject’s head. Considering these key things and changing your position or angle just slightly can progress your image from a good one to a great photo. 

8. Think about your focus point

You need to ensure that your point of focus is correct, this is even ore important when using a shallow depth of field.  Using single point focus instead of multi points will help you learn to do this.  A basic rule is if you are shooting animals or people ensure the eye closest to the camera is in focus. 

9. Learn basic post-processing

Whilst getting everything right in camera is really important having some basic editing skills can really help develop your photography.  Knowing how to crop an image, add some contrast or lighten and darken (dodge and burn) parts of an image can change it’s appearance massively. 

10. Learn your camera settings

Knowing how to work your camera beyond auto is essential to capturing beautiful photographs.  If you can develop an understanding of apature, shutter speed and ISO and how to control each you will instantly see a dramatic improvement in your photography. 

I hope these great photography tips help you to grow and develop as a photographer.  Go out and have fun practicing and learning your new art.  

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