Why should I book Slice of Life Photography?

Why should I book Slice of Life Photography?

Why should I book Slice of Life Photography?

Spalding Photography Studio

5th November 2017

What am I paying for?

I just wanted to write a quick post about what goes into a photoshoot in my Spalding Photography Studio. Just like within any industry there are many price brackets for the same product, and photography is no different, however it is not uncommon for me to hear the words, ‘you’re too expensive’, and this is absolutely fine as I don’t expect every enquiry to turn into a booking, but I want clients and potential clients to understand what is involved within a Newborn photography session, what happens behind the scenes before I press the shutter for your cake smash photoshoot and to understand the time and skill that goes into editing your Fairy Photos. I pride myself in offering a unique and personal service to all my clients and hope that it is this that sets me apart from my competitors and is the reason that my clients choose me. Whilst this blog article isn’t about justifying what I charge I hope it helps you to understand that the unique images created during your baby photoshoot or cake smash session at my Spalding Photography studio or even as part of your wedding photography package are not a simple ‘click of the button’,

So let me outline some of the essential elements to running my Spalding photography studio.

My purpose-built garden Spalding photography studio offers a home from home experience and I hope ensures a relaxing and enjoyable environment for your photography session. Whilst I like to try and maintain business hours to ensure a work life balance, working from home does mean that I can offer a little more flexibility to my clients. I appreciate that many of you work 9 – 5 and so it is not uncommon for me to make myself available for clients to collect orders out of hours on the way home from work or at weekends.

It is important to me that my props are updated and replaced regularly to ensure that the images that I create for my clients are personal and unique to them. My wonderful Spalding photography studio has been kitted out with a range of props and outfits, some of them unique and handmade by me. I pride myself in offering variety and choice to my clients and I want them to walk away with memories and images that are special to them and not just the same as the next persons.

Slice of Life Photography - Inside the photography studio, Photographer near Boston

Cake smash photoshoots are styled to individual clients’ preferences. If I client requests a set up I haven’t created before then a new outfit is purchased and items linked to the theme are brought, this may include bunting or more specific items (like carrots for a recent Peter rabbit themed session or a Unicorn headband). In addition to these one of expenses every cake smash photoshoot includes the cost of the cake which is made by a professional baker, styled to your chosen theme. In order to ensure I maintain a high standard of hygiene all cake smash sessions are photographed on a paper back drop which is thrown away after the session. Outfits and towels etc. are also washed and the studio cleaned after every session to maintain the high hygiene levels important when working with young children.

Slice of Life Photography - vintage pink themed cake smash photography by Slice of Life Photography, Spalding studio

During a newborn photography session many wraps and blankets are used, some get pooped on, some peed on but regardless each and every blanket and outfit that is used during a newborn photoshoot is washed and dried prior to being used with another baby. If my clients have a specific colour or image in mind for their session I go out of my way to source the necessary items to create the image. I am currently designing a prop for an upcoming newborn session as a surprise for my client. The time and love that I have put into creating this unique item is because I love what I do and I want my clients to have the perfect images for them. I’m sure there will be a blog post to follow on this after the big reveal.

Slice of Life Photography - baby girl on rose garland swing with water reflection, Award winning Image by Slice of Life Photography

Insurance provides cover and peace of mind to both myself and my clients that should the worst happen, everyone concerned is fully protected. This is particularly important within my work as a wedding photographer or a newborn photographer where should a memory card become corrupt and the files lost a simple reshoot isn’t an option. It ensures that should my equipment become damaged I will able to get the items repaired or replaced without delay. My insurance has proved invaluable already. When my camera was dropped during a wedding in November 2015, it was repaired and back to me within 10 working days, In time for the next wedding I had booked.

Camera’s, Lens, Lighting, and Computers are some of the many pieces of equipment essential to my job. Aside from the initial outlay for these, they don’t last forever and need to be replaced frequently. It is also paramount to me that I have back up equipment available should a failure happen during a photo shoot. I would much rather grab my spare camera than stop the session.

I want to be able to provide the best service possible to my clients, this means regular training to develop my photography and business skills. Previously I have undertaken Newborn Photography training with some of the world’s leading photographers, I have undertaken training in Newborn Safety, and specialist training to allow me to create stunning fine art Fairy Portraits and in 2018 I will be completing further training including baby first aid. I hope that this ongoing training provides my clients with the peace of mind that they and their children are in safe hands and that the images I create for them are of the highest possible standard. I am also a member of The Guild of Photographers and BANPAS, these professional bodies support me to continue to provide a high standard of professional service.

Slice of Life Photography - before and after of newborn photography edit, Boston photography studio

The process of editing is time consuming and this is factored into the overall cost of your photography session. All images are retouched to a high standard, removing blemishes and correcting skin tones etc. takes time and patience. It is important to me that your images are finished to a high standard and so a lot of care and attention goes into each individual image. All images within the final gallery are fully retouched prior to your personal viewing and ordering appointment. Whilst this means that there is a two week wait for your viewing appointment, it also means that you can see exactly what the final image looks like rather than trust that my editing will match what you visualise.

Slice of Life Photography - Before and after Fine art fairy edit, Photographer near Boston

Recently a few clients have asked why I stopped on-line galleries for viewing and ordering. There are two main reasons behind this. Firstly, I want you to see the images exactly as they will appear in print. Every screen, TV or monitor has a different colour tone and this means that what you view on your computer at home may not be what appears in print. The screen that images are viewed on in the studio matches the colour tones of the professional printing lab that supplies your final prints, so by viewing your gallery within the Spalding photography studio you can see exactly how they will appear in print. It is also important to me that I am able to offer you support and guidance in making your final order selections. I do not run your ordering appointment with a ‘pushy sales pitch’, I simply provide input on what would work well in terms of crop, size etc. based the images you have selected and our discussions surrounding your personal home decor and style.

Slice of Life Photography - Stunning framed canvas supplied by Spalding Photographer

Your prints and products are sourced from high quality professional printing labs. Yes, you can get items printed on the high street for a lower cost, but my products are designed to be displayed for many years and survive the test of time and so the quality and standard of production reflects this. Digital images are a purchase option for those clients that which to source their own products.

I hope that this article goes some way to demonstrating the care, love and attention that I put into providing the best possible service to my clients. I want each and every one of you to choose me for my unique personal style and to love every image that I create for you. Photography and creating timeless memories are my passion and I want this to shine through in the service that I offer to you all.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Spalding photography studio soon.


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