10 must have baby Photos 

You’ve just had a baby!  That tiny tiny bundle will grow and change so fast yet you won’t even notice it happening and before too long they won’t be a curly little newborn anymore.  Weather you own a compact camera, camera phone or an all singing all dancing DSLR there are some key photos you really must capture whilst they are still super tiny!    So here are my top 10 must have photos for you to capture during those early weeks.

1. Fresh 48

Pictures of your newborn within the first few hours will be priceless.  You may choose to hire a birth photographer or book a professional fresh 48 session but if not pass your camera to dad or visitors and ask them to capture some very early pictures of your little one in the hospital whilst you rest. 

2. With Big Brother or Big sister 

Pictures with siblings will be so precious.  The look of wonder on your toddler’s face as they meet the baby for the first time, the love in their eyes as they place a gentle kiss on babies cheek!  Moments that you will treasure forever.

3. The details

Make sure you capture those ten little fingers and that cute button nose.  Tiny details like the fine hair on baby’s back won’t last long so grab your phone or camera and macro lens and record these details.  

4. The nursery

All those hours lovingly painting and carefully folding baby clothes.  Make sure you capture this beautiful space!  Before long it will become Peppa Pig, Unicorns or space ships instead!

5. With special Items

I’m sure you will have lots of wonderful gifts given to you but remember to photograph them too.  A special blanket knitted by great grandma, babies snuggle blanket or special bear!  They won’t love these items forever so record it now for prosperity. 

 6.  Windy smiles 

As a newborn photographer I am always delighted when I am able to capture a windy baby smile.  Be ready after baby has been fed and settled to sleep to capture that priceless moment.


7. Feeding

Weather your baby is having a bottle or your trying your hand at breastfeeding remember to record this precious time.  A photo of the closeness and bond that you will develop during the many hours of feeds is a wonderful keepsake to treasure.


8.  With Daddy  

That moment a man holds his newborn son or daughter in his arms for the first time and falls in love is priceless.  Capturing the love between father and baby is something that you will both treasure.


9. With Mummy

As busy Mums it is all to easy for us to be rushing around and doing things, generally we’re the one that grabs the camera or phone and snaps the pictures of the children.  It is important to be present in photos too so pass your camera or phone to Dad and make sure that the bond between you and baby is recorded too.


10. Family Photo 

And finally don’t forget to capture your first photo as a growing family .  Snuggle up on the sofa and capture everyone together.  


I hope these great suggestions of must have baby photos help you to capture some priceless memories of your newborn baby.  These natural precious family photos will be wonderful memories that you will look back on for years to come and are the perfect compliment to a newborn photography session.

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