Pregnancy story by Naomi

Welcome to the first in a series of  posts written for you by real Mum’s to be.  Each article will share the pregnancy story of one Mum to be, who will each share their labour and delievary experience when baby arrives.  I hope that these real life accounts of pregnacy will help other expectant Mum’s to feel secure in the knowledge that the things they experience and feel during their pregnancy are all normal events and emotions and part of the journey to motherhood.

Naomi’s Pregnancy story

First up we meet Naomi.  Naomi is a midwife and a first time Mummy to be. Naomi shares her pregnancy story with us at 37 weeks gestation. 

My experience of pregnancy has truly been a wonderful one. Being my first pregnancy and being a midwife myself I thought I knew all the answers about being pregnant and having a child. But being a midwife doesn’t give you that mother’s instinct – that is what has set my profession and being a mummy-to-be apart. Having this experience for myself has developed my knowledge and empathy further, making me a better midwife.

Finding out I was pregnant was a very wanted surprise, so when the £1 pregnancy test taken out of curiosity showed two lines, I screamed with excitement. My husband and I had been trying for a few months and after a few major melt downs by me, I thought we wouldn’t get pregnant. So that day I surprised my husband as soon as he got back from work with the baby grow I had gotten made months ago. As all men are, he was quite clueless as to what the “little” gift was for.

This was really happening! In the early weeks I did experience some bleeding and was sent for a scan but thankfully everything was happy and healthy. Being a midwife, I think in some respect, made me worry more. My Husband thought was and is very good in keeping me level headed. Everything from then on has been generally straightforward and an absolute joy. I have loved being pregnant.

My husband and I chose not to find out about the gender of the baby and for us that has been one of the most exciting parts about being pregnant. From planning the gender neutral nursery and the fun in choosing names for both. However, nothing quite prepares you for the wonderful feeling of your baby’s little movements inside you. I did have a moment of concern at 32 weeks of pregnancy when I experienced an episode of reduced movements. When all the guidance I would usually give a woman, went straight out the window. As a mother carrying her child and the overwhelming need to protect them completely takes over. It’s an incredible feeling. Its important to know that each pregnancy is unique and you’ll soon understand the instinct of “something’s not right”. One piece of advice I would like to share is to call your maternity unit/midwife if you have any concern.

Even though I have enjoyed my pregnancy and it has mainly been straightforward, I have suffered with pelvic girdle pain in the last trimester. I definitely experienced the ‘pregnancy waddle’.  I think my boss called me a weeble wobble at point! I was looked after by my midwifery team and was referred to a physiotherapy for a support belt and exercises which did help. I also have hypothyroidism so needed to be under consultant care. However, one consultation later, I was discharged from consultant care and I was happy to be told I can still have a water birth when I go into labour.

Being pregnant your life seems to become so busy! All the antenatal appointments with the midwife, relentless blood pressure taking and urinalysis testing, antenatal classes, ultrasound scans, birth plans and preparing the nursery have all been a whirlwind of excitement. It’s important to grasp hold of every moment, as it comes and goes by so quickly. I have been carrying out pregnancy yoga and listening to hypnobirthing audios to help equip me for the upcoming event – labour! I feel like all the support I have received through pregnancy has prepared me for motherhood as well as it can and we are very excited for our awaiting arrival!

Thank you Naomi for sharing your pregnancy story with us.  I hope your delivery goes to plan and look forward to hearing more when your little bundle arrives.

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