5 reasons to take Pregnancy photos

One of my biggest regrets when pregnant with my 2 girls is the lack of photos of my baby bumps.  I don’t have any of my first pregnancy and maybe one photo the 2nd time around.  Why?  Because I felt like a whale and was really self concious.  With my eldest I put on a lot of weight, and I mean a lot and I hated the way I looked.  It was mainly water retention so my whole body was swollen, I even went up two shoe sizes!  When I told Elizabeth this tale she laughed and asked if I have a picture,  and it breaks my heart that I had to say No!   With Alyssa it was the complete opposite, I gained very little weight and had the tiniest neatest bump ever but I was so busy running around after a 1 year old that I never made the time to record my journey.

With my own expereince at the forefront of my mind I want to share 5 great reasons why you should make sure you don’t end up with the same regrets as me.

1.  Pregnancy is a thing of beauty, awe and amazement.    You might feel tired, nauseous, sore, aching and frumpy, but those on the outside don’t see  the things that may lead you to think that you look terrible! Instead, your loved ones see a beautiful woman bringing a new life into the world, with a gorgeous little baby inside of her.

2.  If you don’t have pregnancy photos, you’ll lose the chance to create once in a lifetime memories – you can’t get back.  Photos also trigger memories, feelings, emotions… they help you remember more vividly. Even if you don’t care for the memory for yourself, I can promise you that when your children are older, they will be delighted to see the photos of their pregnant mummy, while they were growing inside of you. They won’t care, or see that you felt tired or frumpy, all they will see is the magic of pregnancy and the love you had for them before they were even born.

3.  Whether it is just the two of you, and bump, or if you have older siblings to join in on the fun, I’m a firm believer that you cannot  have too many photos of your family. Plus, if you already have little ones it’s a beautiful opportunity for them to bond and interact with your belly, all while being captured on camera.

4.  For most woman pregnancy is full of ups and downs, I know both my pregnancies were.  At times you will feel worn out, achy and fed up, and at others time gorgeous, excited, and on top of the world   Although it may feel a long time while your  baby is growing inside you, it is actually such a short journey, and that in itself is a reason to have that time photographed.  I think that it is wonderful to be able to look back once your baby is here, and have some beautiful images to do that with. 

5.  I think, finally, I just simply believe that pregnancy needs to be celebrated. It is such a precious gift to be carrying your baby.   Just as families will choose to have a baby photoshoot of their newborn baby, to celebrate their little one’s arrival, pregnancy is amazing and should be celebrated too.  I adore pregnancy photos for that reason, they are always full of excitement, happiness, anticipation, and love.  You have made a new life, and are keeping your baby safe until they are ready to be born and meet you.  Seriously, that amazing!

So if you are pregnant, please do get in touch to talk to me about a pregnancy photoshoot, and celebrate the little miracle growing inside you.

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I decided to pretend that I was okay and happy. I thought that if I pretend everything is okay that I will then believe it and everything will be fine. I told close friends and family of the news and they were all happy for me. It is nice knowing I had other people around to help support me. 

After speaking to my midwife, she recommended I speak to my doctor about how I felt mentally. He then recommended I contact a couple of companies for counselling. I have now had a couple of sessions of 1 to 1 counselling to help me talk about my worries. It helps being able to speak to someone who doesn’t know me and won’t judge me for how I feel. Everyone is different and have their own ways of dealing with things but for me, I find counselling helpful. 

When it came to my 20 week scan, I wasn’t half as nervous as I was before. I was more nervous about finding out the sex this time. My partner and I told the sonographer we would like to know the sex in which; after a few moments of her checking a few things, she confirmed we will be having a baby boy. 

We are both so excited and starting to get ready for little man’s arrival. We have been thinking of names and also looking at cots, prams etc. I feel I can now focus on the good things and not have to worry that something will go wrong. I don’t want to let my paranoia get the better of me, I want to enjoy the pregnancy and make the most of it.

As I hit 31 weeks, I started to get itchy hands and feet. I discussed this with my doctor and midwife in which, after a few blood tests they have confirmed I have obstetric cholestasis. I am now having to have blood tests every week and have my baby monitored for his heart beat and movement. At first I was worried but; I have got my head around this and thought I am not the only woman to get this. They have prescribed me with cream and allergy tablets to help with the itchiness. Even though this meant that I will not be able to get my water birth I hoped for as I am now consultant led, I know that I will be looked after in the hospital and I can get through anything with my partner.

I certainly feel ready to meet my little boy as the tiredness and aching back/neck kicks in. I only have a couple more weeks at work and then my maternity leave starts – I can’t wait!  I still need to pack my hospital bag but I will get around to this soon! The nursery still needs to be decorated but, as he will be sleeping with us for the first 6 months, we are not rushing to get this done. 

Having my partner and my parents with me through this journey has made it easier for me. I still get paranoid but, with the support of everyone I know I can get through this. Besides, having up and down days are the joys of our hormones in pregnancy! Bring on the labour

Thank you to Sophie for sharing her pregnancy journey.

Sophie used Insight Healthcare to access counselling  which is free to use with NHS - https://www.insighthealthcare.org/our-services/talking-therapies/types-of-therapies/counselling/ 

Sophie has since sent me a message to let me know there little man, Rowan arrived safely on  8th October.  Isn't he just beautiflul.


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