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18th October 2017

Slice of Life Photography - baby on bum up pose on curved stool by Slice of Life Photography, specialist newborn photographer Holbeach

Congratulations on booking your newborn photoshoot with Slice of Life Photography. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and capturing some precious timeless baby photos for you and your family to treasure. In order to ensure your newborn photography session runs as smoothly as possible here are some top tips to help you prepare for your baby’s photoshoot.

Keep me informed

Please let me know as soon as possible after baby has arrived so that we can confirm a date for your newborn photoshoot. Baby Photography Sessions are best carried out within the first 14 days.  After 2 weeks they start to stretch out and stay awake for longer periods so it is more difficult to encourage the deep sleep required to capture the curled up poses you will have seen on my website.

Slice of Life Photography - Sleeping baby girl holding a rose by Baby Photographer near Kings Lynn


A well-fed baby is a happy baby.  With this in mind, I ask that you come prepared to feed baby on arrival and top up on demand throughout the newborn photoshoot.  Having a full belly will help your baby fall into a nice deep sleep, you will hear me refer to this as being milk drunk, and a nice deep sleep means the session will progress quicker and more calmly for baby.


Although it is possible to create some beautiful images while your baby is awake and alert, the styled curled up posed images displayed throughout my website require baby to be sound asleep.   In order to facilitate this, I ask that where possible please try to keep your baby awake in the couple of hours leading up to the session.

Slice of Life Photography - black and white newborn baby image by slice of life photography, spalding photography studio


Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature and they will be naked or lightly clothed for the majority of their baby photoshoot so the studio will be very warm during the session.   If you’re not sweating it probably isn’t warm enough for baby, so come prepared with layered clothing so you can remove layers and cool off.  It is also sensible to bring a change of clothing as we all know accidents happen and I’d hate for you to have to travel home in yellow poop stained clothing.


Plain, neutral clothing works well for family photos so please consider this when choosing your outfit. You may find my blog post on What to wear for your photoshoot a useful point of reference.  Please bring baby in loose fitting, easy to remove clothing, this will achieve two things.  Firstly, it will reduce the chances of seam, elastic marks on babies skin and secondly if baby arrives at the studio fast asleep the session will be able to get underway without waking baby.  If baby arrives in clothes that are fiddly to remove the chance of waking them whilst undressing them are much higher.

Slice of Life Photography - big sister, pushing newborn girl in victorian pram by Slice of Life Photography, Stamford Photographer


Newborn photoshoots last on average of 3 hours but be prepared to be here up to 4 hours.  With this in mind I try to schedule sessions to start at around 10am.  Be sure to have a filling breakfast and bring snacks with you.  Bottled water will be available at the photography studio.

What about big brother or sister?

Newborn photography sessions can include family photos if desired, however as already mention the studio gets very warm and sessions are long. With this in mind I don’t recommend that siblings remain for the whole session. We will discuss if family photos are completed at the beginning or the end of the session and siblings can join us for the first or last hour to allow them to be included.

Beautiful mummy and baby parent photograph by Slice of Life Photography, specialist newborn photographer, Lincoln

Bring a Dummy!

I understand that many Mums try to avoid using a dummy, especially if you are trying to establish a positive breastfeeding routine.  However, please consider bringing a dummy to the session, even if it is the only time it is used.  Having a dummy to hand can help to settle baby into poses quicker and more calmly, making the newborn photoshoot a more relaxed enjoyable session for everyone.


When you arrive at my Spalding Photography studio I will chat with you about your baby, your delivery experience and what you would like from your newborn photoshoot.  It is helpful to think about this ahead of time. Do you have any colours or props in mind?  Feel free to browse the images on my website and make a note of any images that you particularly like.  Sessions are very much led by how baby responds to posing and although not every baby will be happy to be posed in certain ways I will always try to accommodate any special requests.

Slice of Life Photography - baby in dads arms black and white image, newborn photo studio Stamford


During your newborn photography session I will take the lead and provide baby with much of the required care. This helps to keep baby calm and reduces the risk of baby becoming distracted by the smell of Mum’s milk. There will be times throughout the session I will call on Mum or Dad to assist as a spotter to help ensure baby is safe at all times, however the rest of the time you will be able to sit back, enjoy a little down time and relax.

Slice of Life Photography - baby girl with purple flower garland, Spalding based photographers

If you have any questions ahead of your newborn photography session, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message or give me a call and I’ll be happy to help. I look forward to welcoming you and your new baby soon.


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