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Goodness our lives have been turned upside down and inside out since I last wrote a blog for you all and we now find ourselves in very uncertain times.  Life as we know it has ground to a halt and things are changing on a daily basis.   Last night brought the annuncement that as of Friday all schools in the UK will close for an undefined length of time.   So on top of the panic and anxiety this virus has brought us we are all now wondering how we are going to educate and entertain our children whilst trying to maintain our work commitments from our make shift home offices.


Whilst I don’t have all the answers I thought I would a) share my plan with you all and b) list the education ideas via online resources I have found so far.   Whilst all will not be relevent to every family hopefully there will be something useful for everyone.  Perhaps you could add your ideas to the comments and continue to spread the support. 

DIsplayed above is my draft timetable ready for next week.  My children are of secondary school age and I am expecting teachers to be setting work via the school Virtual Learning Enviroment which both my girls can access and work on independently.  My hope is that I will be able to use this time to maintain my own work commitments whilst supervising their independant work.   Those of you with younger children might need to shorten the length of the structured learning blocks as 90 minutes will be too long for their little brains.    I have a lot of outside time listed on my timetable.  This is because I want to get outside as much as possible whilst we are still able too.  Those of you that have been to the studio or followed my journey will know that I am a big runner and also that I own 2 crazy dogs so exercise is a big part of family life.  When I shared my draft plan with my 13 year old this morning her first question was ‘where is my run time?’  I’m so glad that my fitness has rubbed off on her and so ‘break’ time may be extended if she chooses to use that time to go for a run.  

I have suggested to my girls that if we work hard to achieve the structured learning set by school then we can take Fridays off as extra Family time.  Whilst I want to keep routine for the girls and myself  and try and maintain their education,  I really want to take the opportunity to spend extra quality time with them and strengthen our relationships, thus gaining some positive out of this challenging time. 

Education Ideas –  Resources


Below I have listed a range of resources  I have found for a variety of age groups that may help parents with education ideas or fun activities to keep their children entertained.


Go Noddle – This is an App that was reccommended to me when myself and the children participated in RED January.  It has a range of fun dance routines to encourage movement and getting active.  Perfect for wet days when we can’t get out for a walk or when restrictions become even tighter.  When looking at my time table this morning  my 12 year old immediately mentioned the App when she noticed that I had added ‘fitness’ to the instructions for break.


Cosmic Yoga – A You Tube channel that uses yoga for interactive story telling.  A great way to get kids active and enhance their imagination.


Twinkl – Has education ideas in the form of printable resources ranging from Early years to secondary school and I believe they are offering 1 month free to support parents during the pandemic so get downloading quick.


Outschool – Allows you to access group learning via an online enviroment.  There are learning enviroments for children aged 3 – 18 in a range of subject matters.


Virtual Museum tours – I love the look of this and my 13 year old will no doubt spend hours exploring.  This article includes links to 12 famous museums from around the world that provide virtual tours.  To support the virtual tours here is a resource with free colouring pages of museum artifacts.


Dragon box – An app to support learning of Maths for all ages.


World Geography Games – online quizes looking at captial cities / flags of the world and other geography related questions. 


Teacher Monster – Perfect for younger learners.  It expores phonics through reading games.


I am sure that there are hundreds of other great Education Ideas for learning online and I’d love if you could share your children’s favourites in the comments below.  Helping each other out during these difficult times is so important so please do get sharing and Happy learning.  





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