Hospital bag must haves for Pregnant Mums to be

Hospital bag must haves for Pregnant Mums to be

Hospital bag must haves for Pregnant Mums to be

9th May 2017

Lincolnshire Baby Photographer’s Top Tips for your hospital bag

There are lots of articles online about the essential things pregnant ladies should pack in their hospital bag ready for the day they go into Labour. Rest assured this isn’t just another list of breast pads, sanitary towels, nappies, cotton wool, etc. etc. This list is aimed at the things you may not consider, the essential non-essential items for a soon to be new mummy.

1. iPod

Hospitals can be noisy places and if you have to stay in overnight music to help you relax and fall asleep is a must have. The last thing you want is a restless night listening to the nurses and Dr’s chit chat. You’ll need all the sleep and energy you can get for baby.

2. Phone charger

Once friends and family hear you are in labour or that your little bundle has arrived your phone will be in constant use. Messages, phone calls, Facebook notifications, using the camera etc. etc. You’ll be amazed how quick the battery drains and you would be disappointed if the battery died just as you were about to capture baby’s first windy smile.

3. Hair bobbles

For during labour or even after baby has arrived. You’ll be tired and worn out and the last thing you may feel like is washing and styling your hair. However, you will want it to look neat and tidy for the hundreds of photos family will snap of you during the first precious visits.

4. Eye-mask

Hospital wards are brightly lit and even at night a light is on somewhere. An eye-mask is a must have if like me light disturbs your sleep.

5. Pillows

I remember from my own labour and subsequent hospital stay that you are lucky if you get more than 1 pillow and the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your hospital bed. Take your own just in case.

6. A good book

You will spend lots of time feeding baby in the first day or two and a good book will help to pass this time. Maybe not a tear jerker though as your hormones will be all over the place.

7. Outfit for going home

Make sure this is loose fitting and comfy. It will take a few weeks for your Tummy to shrink back down so stick with maternity trousers to start with.

8. Lip balm

Hospitals are very warm and can make your lips dry out. You may not feel up to putting a full face of make up on but a splash of lip balm can make the world of difference.

9. Cash

Really useful for sending your partner to the shop when the chocolate craving hits or if the hospital meal isn’t up to scratch.

10. A bottle of water

A ‘sports bottle’ works well as you can sip it lying down.

Have I missed anything? What item was a hospital must have for you?

Good luck to all you Mummies to be, your labour will be the hardest yet most magical experience ever and at the end your newborn baby will become the centre of your world.

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