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Why book a Newborn Photoshoot


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Are your pregnant or have a new little addition to your family?  Many congratulations on your little miracle.  Newborns grow and change at an alarming rate and before you know it your beautiful baby has become a smelly, moody, teenager.  My own little miracle celebrates her 10th Birthday next week and its hard to remember those tiny toes and fingers.  I didn't know about specialist Newborn Photography back then but I am so thankful for the wonderful baby photos I have of my tiny baby girl.  


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Whist your newborn is still tiny you will be so wrapped up in the whirlwind of those early days, running on adrenaline, sleep deprived, with a constant stream of visitors.  It is so easy for your little one to change and you not notice until its to late and your newborn has become more alert and that sleepy curled up baby has gone forever.  If you make time for one thing I would strongly recommend looking at baby photographers in Lincolnshire and book when you are around 20 weeks pregnant to ensure you secure a space.


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Look for baby photographers who are specially trained.

Some of the poses you see in the beautiful images we all coo over requires specialist skills to ensure that your precious baby remains safe at all times, so please research your choices carefully.  You might chose a mobile photographer so you can remain in the comfort of your home or prefer a photography studio where a range of props and backdrops are available for you to chose from.  Maybe you want more lifestyle photography type images where baby is captured during natural interaction with you or you love the wonderful posed images that capture sleepy babies all curled up.   Whatever your preference there is a newborn photographer near by that will be perfect for you.  


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My personal photography style has developed over the last few years and my baby photoshoots include a range of natural and posed images capturing your newborn both awake and asleep, using a range of props and blankets to compliment your home.  My service incorporates discussions with you to ensure that the images captured suit your family and personal style.  My garden photography studio near Spalding is easily accessible from Peterborough, Boston and Kings Lynn and is ideal to allow you to relax and enjoy your newborn photography experience in comfort whilst I work my magic. 


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I hope my post on baby photographers near Peterborough has been useful.  If you have any questions or would love to chat about booking your baby session with me. Contact me today.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.


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