Newborn Photography Training Day in Spalding, Lincolnshire

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Newborn Photography Training Day

sweet newborn chin on hands wearing bunny hat by Slice of Life Photography, LincolnBaby photographers in Peterborough

It is so important within any trade to continue to learn and develop, otherwise your work becomes stagnant and outdated. Ongoing training ensure that knowledge and skills are up to date and enable professionals to deliver the best possible service.  Ensuring I am able to provide my clients with amazing photographs of their little ones is so important to me and I want to ensure they feel confident in my abilities to care for their newborn and offer them an amazing experience.  It is for these reasons that I continue to undertake regular training with other photographers.  

sweet baby girl sleeping during her baby photo shoot by Slice of Life Photography, StamfordPeterborough based photographers As I have mentioned in previous blogs I under took a number of group training courses to improve my skills within Newborn Photography, Fairy Photoshoots, Outdoor photo sessions and wedding photography during 2016.  This year I chose to invite another photographer to my studio to provide training on a one to one basis.  Claire joined me at the beginning of September (once the craziness of the summer holidays was over) to spend time supporting me to grow within my newborn photography.   Although I have previously trained within this area I wanted to streamline my work and be able to perfect poses further.  Claire is also an expert within Newborn safety so was able to offer further advise and guidance to help me ensure that babies are safe and well cared for during their newborn photoshoot.  

beautiful baby boy in the womb pose by Slice of Life Photography, PeterboroughPhotographers near Peterborough Claire and I spent a full day working with two beautiful newborns in my studio in Spalding.   Working on a 1:1 basis with Claire allowed me to get much more hands on than in a group training environment and we were able to work on areas that were specific to my personal needs. Consequently we spent time working on some of the poses I find more challenging and looked at how to still provide a full and varied gallery of newborn photos with babies that do not want to sleep or are not happy in the traditional posing that newborn photography is known for.  

sweet baby girl wearing a unicorn bonnet by Slice of Life Photography, Kings LynnPhotographers Peterborough I would like to say a massive thank you to Claire for her amazing support and advise during the course.  I can not wait to attend the training retreat next year to learn more from Claire.   And a extra thank you for bringing the stunning Unicorn bonnet with you.  I have ordered and received my own now and I can not wait to use it.

close up photo of BournePeterborough newborn photographers A massive thank you also to Elijah and Emilia's Mummies for joining us during the day and allowing me to work with your two beautiful babies.  Being able to work with babies (rather than posing dolls) during training is so invaluable to photographers when developing our skills.  Both babies were amazing little models and allowed myself and Claire to create some beautiful images. 

Newborn baby laying on side by Slice of Life Photography, BostonPeterborough Photography studios I have already noticed changes within newborn photography sessions that have taken place in the last two weeks and I can not wait to continue to grow and develop to bring amazing baby photography to my clients.   Aerial view of baby girl by Slice of Life Photography, BostonPeterborough Photographers

Profile Picture of baby boy by Slice of Life Photography, SpaldingPhotography studios in Peterborough


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