How to celebrate your baby's 1st Birthday!

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Ways to celebration your baby turning 1.


Even though your baby won't remember their 1st birthday celebrations, they still create wonderful memories for family, and hopefully some great photos you'll treasure forever. It is all too easy to get yourself into a “Pinterest hole” trying to throw the most creative party ever, but here are some top tips on simple but fun ways to mark your little one turning one. 


1)  I'm sure you'll want to throw a party.  Even though they won't remember it, you and family will love watching them celebrate and have fun.  But keep it simple, a family BBQ or soft play fun with their friends.   You could include so quirky memories as part of your decorations.  A personalised home made banner or a number one decorated with photos of baby.

2) Take a photo of baby in a specific spot, one you can use each year.  Then take a picture in that spot each year so you can see them grow.   Against the front door would be a good place to show how much taller they are, or even next to their wall height chart if you have one. 

3) Make a time capsule.  Include the headlines from the days newspaper, a recording of what is number one in the charts, a picture of the family and his little friends. Something special for them to open when they are grown up. 

4) Enjoy a nice family day out, a trip to the local petting zoo or somewhere similar.  Take lots of photos and enjoy making memories as a family.

5)  This one's my favourite.  Write your baby a letter.  This is something to do on each birthday and keep safe.  Then give them as a gift on their 18th Birthday.   The letters can be about anything you choose,  how much you love them, the best and worst highlights of the year, maybe include a photograph too so they get a record of how they changed as they grew up.

6) Book a family photoshoot.  Record your baby as they grow with some professional family photos.  As my children have grown up they love to see pictures on the wall that include me too.

7)  Book a cake smash photoshoot.  These are currently one of the most popular photography sessions I offer, they can be themed to represent babies emerging personality and create a wonderful record of babies special day.  

         rainbow cake smash photography, baby covered in cakerainbow cake smash photo Girls vintage themed cake smash by Slice of Life Photography, LincolnVintage Girls cake smash photographer

8) Baby won't need lots of toys and presents. Lets be honest their toy box is over flowing already, but buy them something special they will be able to keep and treasure as they grow up.  Both my girls have a 'treasured bear' ornament that has the same name as them.  

and finally don't forget to celebrate your achievement too, you've survived the first year of parenthood, a year of nappies, sleepless nights, messy baby led weaning and teething.  This needs to be recorded too, so once baby has worn themselves out playing with the cardboard boxes and balloons crack open the champagne and toast yourself to a job well done.  

Do you have any suggestions to add?  What did you do to celebrate your baby turning one?  I'd  love to hear in the comments below. 

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