What to wear for your Photoshoot

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Studio Photoshoot - Clothing Ideas

Many factors are important when creating the perfect photograph.  Lighting, posing, facial expressions and clothing all play an important part.  If one element is off balance the result can be that the final image doesn't look right.  Your photographer will work with you to ensure that most of these factors are set to create the perfect family portrait, however clothing is something you will need to consider in advance of your photoshoot.  Whether it is a family portrait, photos of the children or a maternity photoshoot what you wear is an important factor, so below are some top tips from me to help you plan your outfits.  

Beach sunset photoshoot with sisters, Stamford PhotographerStamford Photography studio 1.  Co-ordinate Outfits

It is important to ensure that what each person participating in the photoshoot blends together well.   This doesn't mean everyone should wear exactly the same colours and tones but it does mean that you should compliment one another.  

2.  Simplicity is best

Photographers want to emphasis your faces and emotion and wearing plain clothing helps to avoid distractions within the photographs.  Logo's and patterns can draw attention away from you and your family.   Sweet little boy sitting on log, Lincoln photographerLincoln Photography studio

3.  Be Timeless

Try to avoid wearing clothing that represents the latest fashion.  Timeless clothing such as jeans, or a classic style will still look good displayed in your home in years to come.

4.  Dress for the time of year

This is particularly important if you have opted for an outdoor photoshoot.  You want your images to make sense so consider where you are having your photos taken and dress appropriately for the location and time of year.   outdoor photoshoot in hay bales, Boston PhotographerKings Lynn Photography studio

5.  Use accessories to show your personalities

It is important that the portraits created show your personalities and style, so use simple accessories to do this without over powering the finished look.  A pretty hair bow, soft scarf or funky shoes can all bring out your personality without distracting from the co-ordinated look.  Beautiful mummy to be, maternity photographer PeterboroughPeterborough photography studio

6.  Wear layers and textures

Wearing textures and layers can add depth and interest to a photograph whilst maintaining the co-ordinatored colours.  Linen, Lace, and cord can compliment one another whilst helping to separate individuals.  

7. Shoes matter

Don't forget to think about your footwear.  If you are in the studio it maybe that your photographer will ask you to go barefoot but for outdoor photoshoots your footwear can make or break an outfit.  

Fine art portrait Spalding photographerSpalding photography studio 8.  Be comfortable

This is especially important for young children.  You don't want them in an outfit that they don't like or find irritating.  The likely outcome is they will be fidgety and tugging at their clothes during their photoshoot.  

9.  Don't forget hair and make-up

Your make-up should be subtle and natural and compliment your chosen clothing.   It is important that your hairstyle is representative of you, but it is also helpful to try and avoid your hair falling across your face to avoid distracting shadows and hair falling into the eyes.   fine art portrait of 2 brothers, Boston photographerBoston photography studio 10.  Consider your home decor

This may sound like a strange thing to consider but you want your pictures to compliment your home, particularly if you are planning on displaying a wonderful piece of large wall art.


I hope that you have found this helpful in planning the perfect outfit for your photoshoot.  Your photographer will be the perfect person to chat to about styling ideas if you want further advice.  At my photography studio near Spalding, Lincolnshire I have a range of outfits for many photo shoot styles so it is always worth asking as it maybe that outfits can be provided for all or some members of the family.  


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