What goals have you set for 2017? Make sure up to date Family Photos is one of them, Peterborough

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The new year is well underway.  We have all no doubt kick started the year with healthy eating or dry January?  Maybe some of you have decided to stop smoking or get fit too?  How is it all going?   Have you fallen of the wagon yet?  Started to slip back into your old ways?  New years resolutions hardly ever last.  Last year I decided to set long term targets instead.  Goals that don't require giving it my all during the January Blues.

Why Family photos are important.

As my photography studio near Peterborough has gone from strength to strength my time with my children has become quality over quantity and we spent many hours having amazing quality family time. Taking the caravan to the forest in Norfolk, building dens, playing on the Lincolnshire beaches, playing board games,  Proper quality family time.  As a mum I love to capture memories of these precious days with my camera and am truly grateful that I have the skills to create amazing photographs of children.  But I continued to feel sad that as a single parent the pictures are of my children and family photographs are few and far between.    Part of my promise for 2016 was to ensure that I hired another photographer to capture some memories of us as a family.  Beautiful family portraits to hang on the wall with the growing collection of photos of my children.  

 My favourite time of year is Autumn so I decided I wanted to have some outdoor family photographs taken in the lovely Lincolnshire countryside.  Suddenly the shoe was on the other foot,  I had to find a family photographer!  I'm not sure if being a photographer myself made this harder or easier.   The problem is that over time I have become friends with many other photographers and admire lots for many different reasons so how can I pick just one.   My youngest daughter is very uncooperative in front of the camera and so it was important to me that the photographer I chose would be able to work with her to get the best possible out of her,  I, like many women am very body conscious and hate the way I look so it was important that the family photographer that I chose would be able to photograph me in a flattering way.   In the end I chose a photographer that i knew would produce the kind of family photographs I would produce myself if it was physically possible and I'm so glad that I did.  The children love that there are photos of 'us' as family hung proudly on the wall.   There are many photos of each of them on our walls, some studio photographs taken by me, some natural family snaps but the ones they talk about the most are the ones that include me.   So a big big thank you to Charlotte Maddison Photography for giving me some beautiful family pictures to treasure.

My advise to you, is to make 2017 the year you update your family pictures, not just update the pictures of the children. There are some wonderful outdoor locations around Peterborough, Bourne, Stamford and Spalding that create stunning backdrops for a fun and relaxed photoshoot with all the family.  

I look forward to welcoming you all soon.


      Photo of mum and daughter, outdoor photography session near Boston, LincolnshireMummy and Mini Me Photograph of a mum and her daughter near Boston, LincolnshireMummy and her baby girl Autumn family photography taken in woodland near Boston, Lincolnshirefamily photography

Images from Charlotte Maddison Photography


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