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It's a sad fact that this time of year sees pet rescue centres over run with abandoned animals.  People buy dogs, cats and other little furry animals for loved ones as christmas gifts with little thought for the long term care and costs involved.  Cute little puppies chew furniture, Kittens nibble little fingers with their sharp teeth and vaccination costs come as a shock, so they quickly get past on to another home or rescue centre or worse still abandoned to fend for themselves.   As an animal lover and a mummy to lots of little fur babies this saddens me and I hope that all the abandoned little ones quickly find their forever homes.  

      Portrait of a labrador, back lit image by Slice of Life Photography, SpaldingPortrait of a Labrador Portrait of kitten capturing its cheeky character by Slice of Life Photography, BournePortrait of Kitten        

My own fur babies are now in their senior years and I can see them all slowing down and starting to suffer the aches and pains of old age.  I know that when it is time for my beautiful fur babies to cross the rainbow bridge it will break my heart, they are all very much part of our family and all of them are older than my children so Elizabeth and Alyssa have never known life without them.  

Pet Photography in Peterborough 

Capturing images of Missy and Pippa (our Labradors) and Marble and Kasey (our cats) has become as important to me as recording my children's childhood.  I regularly snap pictures of my doggies playing in the park or photograph my cats sunbathing in the window.    These natural images of my pets are precious to me in the same way as the natural ones of my children hold a special place in my heart.  However formal images of my cats and dogs have also become important to me, an opportunity to record professional pet portraits that record their beauty in all their glory.  I am lucky that as an Award Winning Pet Photographer I am able to capture these Professional Portraits of my own furry family members.

                                         Portrait of Tabby Cat on Black Background by Slice of Life Photography, LincolnshirePortrait of Tabby Cat Portrait of a dog sitting on a chair in the studio by Slice of Life Photography, StamfordDog Portrait sitting on chair   

Mini Photo shoots for Pets

I want to give you the opportunity to have professional pet portraits of your special cats, dogs, or even your rabbits, so as a special new year offer i have opened up some spaces for Pet mini sessions.  These will only be available during January and February and their will be a limited number of spaces.    £40 secures your session and includes 2 digital files for you to share and have printed at your leisure.  To enquire about availability please submit your details below and i'll be in touch shortly.




Photograph of dog posing sitting in a suitcase by Slice of Life Photography PeterboroughDog photography












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