Mr and Mrs Dobson – Barnsdale Hall Wedding, Rutland

Mr and Mrs Dobson – Barnsdale Hall Wedding, Rutland

The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Dobson

28th June 2017

At Barnsadale Hall, Rutland

The 2017 wedding season started off in Style with the wedding of Mr and Mrs Dobson at Barnsdale Hall Hotel in Rutland. I first met Jade and Steven at a Peterborough wedding fayre and was delighted when they called to tell me they had chosen me to be their wedding photographer. They had chosen the beautiful Barnsdale Hall in Rutland for their day and this provided a stunning backdrop for their beautiful wedding photography. They are a truly lovely down to earth couple and their wedding day was full of fun and laughter. In keeping with my style Jade and Steven wanted mainly fun, relaxed documentary style wedding photographs that captured the story and emotion of their day, capturing both family and friends enjoying the celebrations. Despite the heavy rain and showers that intercepted the day everyone had a fantastic time and we were able to make use of the beautiful Rutland water as a backdrop for some formal wedding portraits.

Jade and Steven here is your story. Thank you for allowing me to capture your day.


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    Top tips for new Mums

    Top tips for new Mums

    Top tips for new Mums

    23rd June 2017

    Lincolnshire Mums offer their top tips for new Mums

    Becoming a Mum for the first time is the scariest yet most amazing experience ever. I asked some of my clients what tips and advice they would give to ladies embarking on motherhood. Here is what they said:
    1) Accept that the concepts of time, day/night and routine don’t exist for a while and that’s OK.

    2) The internet is EVIL and you should never research anything, especially during a 2am feed!! I love this tip. It is all too easy to go into a whirlwind of panic when you google your baby’s symptoms online. The best advice I can give is if your concerned pick up the phone to your Dr or out of hours service and speak to a professional. No worry is too small to get checked out.

    3) Trust yourself and only take on board the advice you feel comfortable with. You know your baby…or at least you will once things calm down a bit.

    4) Breastfeeding is hard, ask for help! Even if it’s 2am don’t worry that it’s a stupid question and you should know how to do it! It’s hard and doesn’t come naturally.

    5) It’s ok to not get out the house for 3 months. It’s ok to not get out of the house before 11am EVER!! Just stay home for a few weeks and enjoy your little bundle. Do not feel bad about doing nothing but care for and nurture them. The time is so precious and they start growing immediately there is no pause button.

    6) Don’t compare your child to others. Everyone will do it in their own time.

    7) Go with the flow, Babies don’t come with an instruction manual and what works for one baby won’t work for others. Every baby that comes through my photography studio doors responds to different calming techniques and each one likes some poses and not others. Work out what works with your baby and don’t worry about what works for someone elses.

    8) Accept all offers of help. You’re not super woman and being a mum can be tough and draining. You’ll be a better parent for taking help and having some time for yourself.

    9) Sleep when baby sleeps! It doesn’t matter that there are dishes in the sink and you haven’t had time for a shower. You need to snatch every opportunity to rest, especially in the early days.

    10) Remember that no one is perfect and everyone has their own way of doing things.

    And last, but not least from a Mum of 2 (who are fast approaching their teenage years). Enjoy every minute! Make wonderful memories together and capture the moments with pictures and video. They grow up way to quickly and before you know it they won’t want that late night cuddle or want you to walk them to school, they’ll be too busy face timing their friends or planning sleepovers. Make time to relax and enjoy the little things.

    Have you got some top tips that you would like to share with new mums, why not add them to the comments section for my readers to benefit from.

    Marie x

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      New Mum’s must haves and must nots!

      New Mum’s must haves and must nots!

      New Mums must haves and must nots!

      14th June 2017

      Things Mums can live with and without!

      I don’t know about you but when I found out I was expecting my first child I spend ages researching baby gadgets and products on the market that were marketed as being able to make my life easier, and I brought most items brand new, spending (and wasting) a small fortune on equipment that I just didn’t need. So here is my guide to Must haves and not haves for those of you currently researching baby purchases.

      1) Muslin cloths will become your new best friend. They have a multitude of uses. A dignity cover for breastfeeding, mopping up spills, a bib, I even know a little girl that had a muslin as her comforter. My girls are now 9 and 10 and I still have a drawer full of muslins. I use them when the kids get the paints out or spill their drink and I still use them in my photography studio during a newborn photography session and to clean cake up after a cake smash photoshoot.

      2) A changing mat is essential to stop the explosive yellow goo going everywhere but consider if you really need a changing table. I had one in Elizabeth’s nursery and rarely used it. I found it much easier and quicker to change baby on my knee or on the floor in the lounge. The trip upstairs to use the changing table was too much effort and it just ended up a dumping ground for the washing I never had time to put away.

      3) If your bottle feeding. The little ready made cartons of formula are a godsend when on the go. Keep a stock of these for when you’re out and about. They stay fresh and are much easier than carrying a flask of warm water and a Tupperware of premeasured formula powder around with you. Many of my clients have told me that they found the Perfect Prep machine to be more hassle than it’s worth so this is maybe one to avoid.

      4) Never buy a second-hand car seat. You don’t know if it has been in an accident or has any internal damage. A car seat and a mattress are the 2 things that you should always buy new! Everything else I would suggest buying 2nd hand. So many baby items are outgrown or hardly used and you can get some really good buys and often sell things on for the same as you paid for them.

      5) The one thing I could not have lived without was the girls musical swing chair. They both loved it and would spend lots of time relaxing and taking in the hanging toys. It allowed me to get on with those essential tasks like washing and going to the toilet. I even used to pop ours in the bathroom whilst taking a shower so they were secure but I could still see them. Some of my lovely clients have recommended the Bambeano beanbag chair for similar reasons. As my daughter got older she loved her Bumbo seat but others have added this to the list of worst purchases.

      Thank you to Demi’s Mummy for sending me this cute picture to share.

      6) There are so many gorgeous little outfits in the shops designed to tempt us. But believe me you will always have more than you need and end up passing some of them on with the tags still attached. Before baby arrives purchase the minimum you need, you will receive loads of clothes as gifts so save your pennies for other things or buy clothes in bigger sizes because everyone will buy you first size clothes. And don’t buy expensive items either. Baby Poo stains and you’ll be heartbroken when you have to bin that Laura Ashley piece, cheap and cheerful all the way.

      7) This one is a freebie and something I use in my photography studio. Download a white noise app onto your phone. It’s a life saver. I never knew about these when mine were little but I used to put Alyssa’s moses basket in the utility room as she would be happy and relaxed when the tumble drier was on.

      8) Don’t buy lots of cute teddies. I still regret this 10 years on! Buy a special one but only 1. My 10 year old won’t part with any that have a special meaning to her. ‘Nanny brought that one when I was born’, ‘That was the one you got me for my first birthday’, ‘Daddy brought these when I was having my operation’, are all things that she has said when i’ve tried to get her to have a sort out. We recently moved house and having managed to get her to part with a bin bag full of teddies she still brought 2 full bin bags full to the new house!

      9) I wasted lots of money on cute little shoes for my girls. Why? Because they looked pretty, but what a waste of money. Babies don’t walk and as soon as they find their hands they will be pulling them off and throwing them out the buggy! On the flip side of this have lots of socks (or better still tights) as they too get pulled off and lost all the time. Or better still invest in some sickens. Not something I’d heard of but they come highly recommended from my clients.

      10) I could not have survived without a baby gro bag. Much safer and more practical than the fancy bedding sets. Both my girls loved them, the worst thing about them was getting them to switch to normal bedding as they got older.

      Thank you to Daniel’s Mum for sending me this cute little picture to share

      11) Many of my clients have said that a separate baby bath was their worst purchase and it’s easier to buy a little seat to go in the bath. I certainly loved my daughters baby bath first time around but ditched it with number 2 as it was easier to bath the girls together.

      12) Get a good quality buggy buddy, to store all the bits and bobs you need to hand while out and about. There is nothing worse than rummaging in your hand bag while on the move.

      I hope you have found this guide helpful and thank you to all those that offered their wisdom. We are all different and some gadgets are a god send to some and a waste of time, space and money to others so do your research and consider your own lifestyle and needs.

      What are your best baby buys? What do you regret spending money on? I look forward to reading your recommendations in the comments section below.


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        Newborn Photography Lincolnshire – New Photography Prop Delivery

        Newborn Photography Lincolnshire – New Photography Prop Delivery

        Newborn Photography Lincolnshire

        8th June 2017


        New Photography Prop delivery

        Photographing and capturing the early days of my clients newborn babies is such a privilege. It is important to me that part of what I offer is unique and fresh baby photos. I don’t want my clients looking at their newborn images and feeling they have the same as my other clients, I want the images I create to be personal to each family. So, it is essential that the props and outfits available in my photography studio near Spalding offer a wide choice of colours and designs. With this in mind I have recently updated and added to my collection.

        I thought I’d share some of the wonderful new items available for new parents to choose from when they visit. All outfits, headbands and wraps are designed specifically for newborn photographers by specialist prop designers and help to add variety and colour to the gallery of baby images parents are presented with when they visit for their personal viewing session.

        Baby Girl Photography Props

        This stunning selection of wraps and matching head-bands provide the opportunity to co-ordinate some of your images to your home decor, perfect if you are planning on displaying a large piece of wall art.   I also have matching backdrops available so images can complement one another for a montage display.

        Many of my newborn outfits are cream or pale pink so I thought it was time to add a splash of colour to the available choices.  The lovely yellow and brighter pink outfits are perfect for summer babies and would look great for images displayed in little ones’ nursery.

        This stunning collection of headbands were selected to complement a range of pre-existing backdrops to ensure that colours blend beautifully within your newborn photos.

        Baby Boy Photography Props

        I love brown and cream tones and realised that most of my boy sets were little trousers so love the addition of these brown and taupe dungaree style outfits. 

        I have owned the lighter of these complementary sets for a while but with the addition of the darker matching style they will be perfect for a twin newborn photography session or to create complementary yet contrasting choices within your baby photo collection.

        Unisex photography outfits

        In addition, I have added some items suitable for boys and girls.  The wrap set on the left comes complete with a headband and a hat making it suitable for both.  It would be great to be able to capture siblings both at their newborn stage using the same wrap, this set means that I can do that.


        The collection of 3 neutral tone outfits are perfect for all babies, maybe one day I’ll have triplets visit and can use all at once.

        Older Babies

        I love to watch babies grow and am delighted when they return to the studio for another photography session once they can sit unaided.  These 2 little outfits are perfect for girls aged 6 – 9 months.

        I am very excited to try these outfits and wraps out and share with you some images of them in use.


        Is there anything I don’t offer now that you would like to see added to the collection of props and items available in the studio?  If so drop me a message or leave me a comment as it’s important that what I offer meets your requirements. 

        If you haven’t yet booked your newborn photography session and would like the opportunity to have be one of the first to use these beautiful pieces, then please drop me a message via the ‘book now’ link below and we can arrange your session.


        I look forward to welcoming you to the studio soon.



        Reserve your Newborn Photography Session

        Newborn Sessions start from just £79 and can be reserved anytime from your 20 week scan.

        To secure your due date please book via the form below.

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          How to celebrate your baby’s 1st Birthday!

          How to celebrate your baby’s 1st Birthday!

          How to celebrate your baby’s 1st Birthday!

          7th June 2017


          Ways to celebration your baby turning one

          Even though your baby won’t remember their 1st birthday celebrations, they still create wonderful memories for family, and hopefully some great photos you’ll treasure forever. It is all too easy to get yourself into a “Pinterest hole” trying to throw the most creative party ever, but here are some top tips on simple but fun ways to mark your little one turning one.

          1)  I’m sure you’ll want to throw a party.  Even though they won’t remember it, you and family will love watching them celebrate and have fun.  But keep it simple, a family BBQ or soft play fun with their friends.   You could include so quirky memories as part of your decorations.  A personalised homemade banner or a number one decorated with photos of baby.

          2) Take a photo of baby in a specific spot, one you can use each year.  Then take a picture in that spot each year so you can see them grow.  Against the front door would be a good place to show how much taller they are, or even next to their wall height chart if you have one.

          3) Make a time capsule. Include the headlines from the day’s newspaper, a recording of what is number one in the charts, a picture of the family and his little friends. Something special for them to open when they are grown up.

          4) Enjoy a nice family day out, a trip to the local petting zoo or somewhere similar.  Take lots of photos and enjoy making memories as a family.

          5)  This one’s my favourite.  Write your baby a letter.  This is something to do on each birthday and keep safe.  Then give them as a gift on their 18th Birthday.   The letters can be about anything you choose, how much you love them, the best and worst highlights of the year, maybe include a photograph too so they get a record of how they changed as they grew up.

          6) Book a family photoshoot. Record your baby as they grow with some professional family photos.  As my children have grown up they love to see pictures on the wall that include me too.

          7)  Book a cake smash photoshoot.  These are currently one of the most popular photography sessions I offer, they can be themed to represent baby’s emerging personality and create a wonderful record of baby’s special day. 

          8) Baby won’t need lots of toys and presents. Let’s be honest their toy box is over flowing already, but buy them something special they will be able to keep and treasure as they grow up.  Both my girls have a ‘treasured bear’ ornament that has the same name as them. 

          And finally don’t forget to celebrate your achievement too, you’ve survived the first year of parenthood, a year of nappies, sleepless nights, messy baby led weaning and teething. This needs to be recorded too, so once baby has worn themselves out playing with the cardboard boxes and balloons crack open the champagne and toast yourself to a job well done. 


          Do you have any suggestions to add?  What did you do to celebrate your baby turning one?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.


          If you’re interested in finding out more about a family photography session or cake smash photo shoot then please enquiry below.



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          Newborn Sessions start from just £79 and can be reserved anytime from your 20 week scan.

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